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Amirali Khosrojerdi, widely known as Zakhmi, is an Iranian rapper born in Tehran in 1369. Coming from an artistic family, his childhood was adventurous, marked by a clash of thoughts with the society he lived in. He recalls the impact of his song "Inja Tehrane" (This is Tehran), which vividly narrates the conditions of society, motivating Zakhmi to believe he could sing songs in the future that might influence the thoughts of teenagers and young people. His song "Chera Man" addressing social issues is one of Zakhmi's most famous socially-oriented songs.

Zakhmi has been residing in England for 11 years. Due to troubles he faced in connection with people, neighbors, and the police, his family decided to have him leave Iran. Initially surprised by the culture and people's behavior in England, Amirali was deeply affected by the humility and respect people showed to each other. He mentions that street clashes in Iran resulting from direct eye contact or trivial matters leading to fights are not present in England.

Regarding the income from rap music, Zakhmi believes that music is accompanied by love and effort and does not generate substantial income. Therefore, he doesn't focus on its income. Reflecting on his past, Zakhmi mentions that he was always striving and recording songs in the studio, sometimes staying overnight to complete his work.


Past Events

  • 23 Dec 2023

Bong event proudly presents ZED BAZI   SOGAND & ZAKHMI Live in Las Vegas The Theater at Virgin H....

Los Vegas , USA